People weighing scale type BWS-XB
BWS-XB professional coin-operated people weighing scale

Body Weight Style XB has an attractive blu display, a new attractive ultrasonic height meter with blue leds. It prints up to 4 types of tickets that include the most popular features: BMI and ideal weight, daily biorhythm and horoscope, lucky numbers. The type of ticket is programmable by the operator. Ideal for shopping centers and pharmacies, this hi-tech looking scale is made of steel and is robust and heavy (45 Kg).

  • It weighs from 5 to 200 Kg in steps of 100 g
  • Measures height from 100 to 200 cm in steps of 1 cm
  • Epoxy powder painting in color RAL7047 (pearl grey)
  • It is equipped of a fast thermal printer and motorized cutter
  • It can be programmed to weigh in various modes and for different prices
  • Easy to use and calibrate
  • Wheels for easy movement
  • Dimensions in cm: 32cm(W)x62cm(D)x126cm(H) or 226cm with height meter
  • Weight: 40 Kg
  • Power: 110/240V 50/60 Hz 35VA
People weighing scale type Body Weight PRECISA
Body Weight Precisa

Body Weight PRECISA is a coin-operated scale that comes with a lower price but is available in different versions, with or without printer, coin acceptor or height meter. It weighs up to 200 Kg in steps of 100g, it has a nice blue display (128x64 pixels) and can have an ultrasonic height meter that measures up to 190 cm. It prints a ticket with weight, height and BMI. It has a comparator coin acceptor that accepts one type of coin, easily modifiable. This machine is well suited for small pharmacies, it is robust and elegant.

  • Dimensions: cm 33 x 65 x 100 (235 with height meter)
  • Weight: 30 Kg
  • Power: 230V 35VA
Luggage weighing scale type BaggageWeight BGW-XB
BGW-XB coin-operated luggage scale

Nowadays airlines offer cheap tickets but then make every effort to recover the money by charging even 10 or 20 Euro per Kg to those who exceed the weight allowed. For this reason it is essential to have the opportunity to weigh the luggage before going to the airport. The ideal placement for this scale is in the hotel, so people can pack their bags at their leisure before heading to the airport. This service also avoids delays and unpleasant arguments at the airport check-in. The coin-operated baggage scale BGW-XB can be programmed to operate with a coin, for example, 1 Euro, weighing only once, or (better) it is possible to program it so that with this amount continues to weigh for a number of seconds programmable from 1 to 90. It is a sturdy product that can provide years of trouble-free service.

  • Made of steel, not plastic.
  • Stable: it itself weighs 33 Kg
  • Weighing range: 0,5 Kg - 180 Kg
  • It can be programmed to weigh in various modes and for different prices.
  • Easy to use and calibrate
  • Dimensions in cm: 33(W)x50(D)x92(H)
  • Weight: 33 Kg
  • Power: 110-230V 50/60 Hz 20VA
Blood Pressure Monitor type ATP-XT
Blood Pressure Monitor type ATP-XT
ATP-XT is a blood pressure meter, small in size and with a very professional look, it has blue graphic display, printer 75 mm wide, with motorized cutter. It is the ideal choice for those who want to offer a quality service with a reasonable cost.
  • Inflates up to the optimum pressure
  • Measures Systolic, diastolic, pulse and mean pressure (can be disabled)
  • Prints ticket with measured values and cuts it automatically
  • Microprocessor controlled air valve with digital / analog converter
  • Ability to program the header of the ticket
  • Graphic display 240x128 pixels
  • Extreme ease of use and high speed measurement
  • Device with double insulation. It does not require connection to protective earth.

Blood Pressure Monitor type ATP-XT with automatic cuff
Blood Pressure Monitor type ATP-XT with automatic cuff

This unit has the same characteristics of the manual version, except the fact that it incorporates an automatic cuff with motor, to provide quick and easy measurement without having to wrap it around customer's arm.

  • See PRICE (ask for quantity discounts)
Design of custom electronic boards
Design of custom electronic boards

At DPS-Promatic srl we design electronic boards since 1981 and we have built a strong know-how in designing boards for coin-operated machines, that have to endure electrical noise, power failures, humid, hot or cold environment. We never consider extreme conditions to be an excuse for problems, we solve problems so our boards can work in these conditions. We have manufactured electronics for photo-booths, for weighing scales, for blood pressure machines, for weather stations, for GPRS and wireless telemetry equipment. If you need a special design, ask us, and we will probably be able to offer you an affordable and reliable solution.